Reconstruction project for the "Kazana" mountain shelter in Pirin National Park, by RescueService.BG

The depreciation of the morally and technically obsolete construction of the Kazana shelter, and the lack of serious actions taken to renovate it, is obvious.

Because of this, we from the Rescue Service.BG decided to form a volunteer working group to prepare a project to modernize the shelter, as well as to carry out the project's implementation. Our main idea and objective is to preserve and improve the functionality of the shelter. As a key place in the mountains, we would like to improve its suitability for critical situations - in adverse weather conditions and/or when necessary to conduct rescue operations in the area.

The working group we formed consists of mountain rescuers, mountain guides, climbers, researchers, engineers, architects and builders who share our values ​​and provide their perspective and experience on the functionality and reliability of the shelter renovation project.

We intend to raise the funds for the implementation of this project in a specially created accumulation account, which will serve the needs of the project and ensure complete transparency as to how they are being spent. As a result, from the voluntary activity of our working group, we have the following proposal and visualization of the future shelter, in line with current trends in architectural and technological construction of similar bivvies in high mountains, in Europe and around the world.

Dimensions of the renovated shelter

The size of the reconstructed Kazana shelter is fully compliant with the legal provisions concerning such activities on the territory of Pirin National Park. The aim is not to change the construction parameters of the existing shelter, to make the most of the existing foundations, and not to expand it additionally in the territory of the National Park.

Load-bearing structure and foundation

The foundation will be in accordance with the one, available from the previous shelter. The new load-bearing structure will be steel frame, made of five main frames, horizontal reinforcing joints, suitable insulation, waterproofing and exterior cladding.

Exterior cladding

The materials for the exterior cladding are fully compliant with the peculiarities of the location and the meteorological conditions typical for high mountains. Weatherproof wood will be used Siberian larch (Larix sibirica) as well as galvanized sheet steel with weather- and scratch-resistant polyester coating. The color of the sheet metal will be dark gray or black. Between the exterior and interior cladding, the walls will be sealed with a two-component inslulation and waterproofing foam.


The materials will be the same as for the exterior cladding above. In addition, it is planned to install two solar panels to cover the needs of electricity for lighting and battery charging.

Interior walls, floor and furniture

All materials for the interior are selected for durability and good appearance - waterproof plywood and metal for the supportive structure of the bed frames. The floor will be covered with wear- and slip-resistant tiles. It is planned to install seven sleeping bunks, a table (working desk), which in emergency situations can also be used as a bunk, and a bench. Access to each of the higher bunks will be via a ladder. 

Door and windows

To allow for the necessary light and fresh air, we have planned a large panoramic window, looking at the north face of Vihren Peak, a triangular roof window for extra light, and a small window above the front door, which will be able to open inwards, to allow fresh air into the room. Each of the windows will have three-layer glazing with special glass, to minimize heat loss.

The front door retains its current aspect due to the weather and terrain features of the shelter's location. It will open inwards and an automatic closing mechanism will be provided, in case someone forgets the door open. This door will - just like the old shelter - be made of wood.


We plan to install lightning protection, to supply a first aid kit, interior lighting, an SOS-button in case of an accident, blankets, and a sign with information about the altitude of the shelter. Sign with information about the altitude of the shelter.

Photos and 3D visualizations

Necessary materials - quantity and preliminary price calculations

Name of the element
Unit weight Weight Ammount
[m (sq. m)] [kg/m (sq.m)] [kg] [BGN]
А. Foundations and substructure
I. Foundation frame
1. Lateral beams - IPE140 steel sections 2.00 2 12.9 52 115
2. Diagonals - L 70x70x9 sections 2.80 2 9.32 52 105
3. Anchor bolts 16
4. Chemical anchor system
II. Main steel structure
1. Main structural frame - type 1 - HEA 140 steel sections 12.75 2 24.7 630 1316
2. Main structural frame - type 2 - HEA 140 steel sections 13.40 2 24.7 662 1383
3. Secondary structural frame - type 1 - HEA 140 steel sections 12.00 1 24.7 296 619
4. Secondary structural frame - type 2 - HEA 140 steel sections 12.65 1 24.7 312 653
5. Horizontal beams type 1 - SHS 80x5 3.00 4 11.6 139 448
6. Horizontal beams type 2 - SHS 80x5 3.15 7 11.6 256 824
7. Vertical elements - SHS 80x5 3.30 5 11.6 191 616
III. S235JRG2 Steel sections: kg 155.82 2591
IV. Steel connections 7% kg 11 181 379
V. Structural steel S235JRG2 - Summed quantity: kg 167 2772 6081
1. Outer shell - sheet steel 4 mm 45.00 1 31.4 1413 957
2. Thermal insulation PU foam 10 cm 45.00 1 4.5 203 1575
1. Interior cladding - 21 mm plywood 42.00 1 13.6 571 2100
2. 40 mm plywood furniture 7.60 1 22.4 170 456
VIII. Summed weight of the structure kg 5129 10713

Prepared by:  eng. Dimitar Pashov

All lengths, areas and sections in this table are preliminary and approximate. Precise material quantites will be extracted after the complete architectural and structural design project is finished.

Necessary funds and deadlines
A total of about BGN 60,000 will be necessary to provide the materials, helicopter transport and pay for the work of the builders.
We plan and hope that the new shelter will be completed by the end of 2022.
Donations can be made to the following bank account:

Bank: United Bulgarian Bank JSC
IBAN: BG76UBBS80021015111650
Beneficiary: Rescue Service.BG
Reason for payment: Kazana shelter reconstruction

Data on all donations is publicly available and can be tracked via this spreadsheet
The spreadsheet is updated up to twice a week. Please, note that not all donations are updated in real time.